Why Light Assistant?

Light Assistant exists to help designers navigate an increasingly complex requirements in live-performance. Light Assistant focuses on the design process and offers intuitive tools to help shape your next production.
Focus on your show, not the software.

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Cue Sheets

Spend your time focusing on the flow of your design and not structuring it in the console.

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Spot Tracking

Track up to (8) spot lights with minimal effort and with reference to your cue list. Print spot sheets and notes at any time.

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Generate standard paperwork easily with minimal effort. Cue Sheet, Hookups, Schedules, and Notes are exported as PDFs.

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Light Assistant integrates with Eos Family Consoles, Vectorworks, and exports data in a variety of formats. Track your cue sheet and take notes in real-time during the rehearsal process.

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Cue Sheets

Light Assistant focuses on the designer first allowing you to insert cues in arbitrary order to create a storyboard rather than a list of numbers.

You can drag and drop images directly into a cue as a reference and add memos to yourself for later.

When you're ready for tech Light Assistant can automatically synchoronize your cue sheet with Electronic Theatre Control's Eos Family of consoles including labels, scene breaks, and page numbers. Notes taken during tech show up in the cue sheet as well as the notes module for simplified tracking.

Spot Tracking

Spot Cues
Spot Cues

Light Assistant comes ready with tools to assist in tracking up to eight spotlights in tandem with the cue sheet. As cues to not need to be numbered spot pickups can be tied to a lighting cue or referenced by placement. These cues are visible on the paperwork generated by Light Assistant.

The Cue Sheet allows for numerous defauls to help ease tracking follow spots.

Features include:
  • Pickup
  • Location
  • Frames
  • Size
  • Customizable Number of Spot Lights
  • Spot Cue Sheets PDFs
  • Intelligent Notes

Live Tracking and Notes

During technical rehearsals Light Assistant will listen for OSC events keeping you and your notes in sync with the console.

Light Assistant uses OSC to follow Eos Family consoles in real-time. Notes taken during tech auto-populate fields to make sure there is relevant context.

Features Include:
  • Intelligent Linking (Notes appear in Cue Lists, on Instruments, and in relevant modules)
  • Real Time Information
  • Department Categorization
  • Priority
  • Simple Filtering

Instruments & Vectorworks Data Exchange

Light Assistant is integrated tightly with Vectorworks and supports Automatic Data Exchange with a twist: Data is only synchronized when you chose to synchronize. By separating the automatic transfer of files on operating system focus events Light Assistant ignores most of the common errors created when things get out of sync.

Feature Include:
  • Clear instrument Data with one click
  • Retarget a file that moved (on Dropbox for example...)
  • Simple Customizable Reports incuding Instrument Schedules, Channel Hookups, and Color Cut Lists
  • Excel Export (Beta)
  • Eos Patch Synchronization (Beta)
  • Import Only Workflows
  • (More features coming soon!)
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Light Assistant automatically creates Paperwork for you based on the data available. Light Assistant is also provides intelligent export options when the internal engine doesn't meet your needs. Excel and CSV export are standard.

Features Include:
  • Cue Sheets
  • Spot Cue Sheets
  • Instrument Schedules
  • Channel Hookups
  • Address Hookup
  • Color Cut List
  • Avery 5160 Labels for Fixtures
  • Excel Export (coming soon)
  • TSV Export (coming soon)
  • Excel Import (coming soon)
  • TSV Import (coming soon)

Plans and Pricing

Light Assistant is available in a variety of plans to meet your need. We offer a free web application and a limited version for free as well as subscription models.
We plan to offer perpetual and educational pricing options in the near future.


Light Assistant Limited is free of charge and has a limited feature set. It offers Cue Lists, Instruments, Data Exchange, Notes, and Basic Paperwork.

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Web App

Light Assistant Limited is free of charge and has a limited feature set. It offers Cue Lists, Instruments, Data Exchange, Notes, and Basic Paperwork.

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An in app purchase at the App Store or Microsoft store will keep you up to date with all the features. Subscription memembers can use all the features of the software and never need to worry about an upgrade.

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A perpetual license grants you updates for the version supplied (typically a single calendar year) including any critical security updates. You have access to all the features of Light Assistant, but you are not automatically eligable for upgrades. Pricing is identical to the subscription model for a single year.

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Product Comparison

Limited Web Subscription Perpetual
Operating Systems
Automatic Updates Service Packs
Cue Sheet 50 Cues
Instruments 50 Instruments No Paperwork
Data Exchange Import Only Import Only
Paperwork Watermarked No Paperwork
Live Tracking
Cue Sheet Export

The Light Assistant Team

Will Coeur

Designer | Lead Tester

Will Coeur is a theatrical designer specializing in Lighting, Projection, and Sound Design. Will currently serves as the Resident Lighting Designer and Production Manager at Iowa State University.

Daniel B. Chapman

Designer | Project Lead

Daniel B. Chapman is a lighting and projection designer working primarily in Opera and Regional Theatre. His recent credits include Madama Butterfly with Opera Santa Barbara, Ali Baba, Lohengrin, Norma, Bless Me Ultima, and Guillaume Tell with Opera Southwest, and working as the production manager for Boston Lyric Opera’s The Handmaids Tale.

Daniel is an Associate Professor of Theatre at Berea College and a member of United Scenic Artists, IATSE Local 829.